Anton’s Grace ( Dark Tales #2) by Regine Abel

Set on a hive station, that caters to all the pleasures of the senses…Grace is a singer a performer and in deep trouble.

After being dumped by her ex-lover/longterm friend/manager she is up to her eyeballs in debt and left with no other option but to go to the hive owner Anton Myers.

Anton is a half braxian half human… as a result he is deemed second class and unworthy by full blood braxians.

The only way he has survived so long is through ingenuity and hard work. Creating the hive and it’s 6 other hive stations he owns.

So when grace comes to him for help with her problem…Anton couldn’t be happier.. he will restore his honour, punish the woman who caused him so much pain in the past and also own the one thing that has always been just out of his grasp for the next six months…. time enough to work her out of his system…or so he thinks…

but first…. MASSIVE TRIGGER WARNINGS…if light and fluffy is your thing…keeps scrolling… this book is dark and harrowing in places as it is light and wonderful in others…. a pure rainbow contrast between the a full spectrum of emotions that mentally body slams and equally cuddles the reader….. AND I LOVED IT!!

I was so so so conflicted with Anton, because society has rules… the good guys wear white hats and the bad guys wear black hats…. but in this book it rips those rules up and decides that everyone wears grey hats….But even I The most faithful of readers was tempted to ‘mentally’ kick Anton’s arse.

My conflict was isolated to Anton, at times I felt pure frustration at Grace, but I have her some slack in that… she is relatively young ( 22 ) isn’t quite Street smart despite her own pretty harrowing Back story and solely focused into being an adored star! BUT she owns and is aware of her flaws and we do see her develop and grow as a character  and into a more worldly aware person. Which always gets a thumbs up from me!! 

Anton didn’t have the best of intentions, his plan was set before him… and even as he’s grasping the strings of his plan to keep it on track you can see it breaking apart and his feelings for Grace challenging what remained…leaving him questioning all he knows and believes in.  BUT BOY!! when he messed up did he mess up.. conflicted and split like his human and braxian heritage, reflections  of which show in his actions and behaviour.  Such a brilliantly constructed and ‘lifelike’ person with his self doubts and insecurities.  

Massive kudos to the wonderful wordsmith for writing such a great book, character and putting him ( and Grace ) through the emotional and physical wringer for our reading pleasure 🙌🏻🙌🏻💚💚 and being brave enough to not ‘WATER’ This stories themes down.

It’s a fantastically constructed book, with Beautifully crafted layers of story with a gripping good fast pace. The amount of world building is phenomenal. And I want to know more…about the braxians about the side characters… everything!!  I’m can already feel major book hangover brewing from this bad boy…Because it was great! A full on emotional rollercoaster.

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