Shadowfever ( Fever #5) by Karen Marie Moaning

Another review in retrospect ( edited for swears cos dayum this book spun my brain!!) …I read this book earlier this year (2018) I didn’t have my Blog back when I was writing the reviews for this series… so I’m happy finally give them a home and  have them take up residence in their rightful place…..

Book 5 in the series fever

Hawt damm… what a book. Starting off right where book 4 finishes… again with another monster cliff hanger!

Come on admit it you had a light bulb… AHA… WHAT NOOOOO!! Moment didn’t you?!?! I know I bloody did.

Love love loved it… even when Mac was behaving all dark power puff girl at the start and I was screaming at her to wake up and smell the…spices!!!! 
This book again follows the theme of trust/untrusting good/evil… highlighting that there is no ultimate good or ultimate bad… everyone has the capacity to do acts of both. 

I adored this book… and I was completely sucked in to the first five books of this series that I have read. I am astounded that ( and kinda shocked by how much I adored this book ) I wish I had read it sooner… because I seriously enjoyed every page. 

I still think about these 5 books and re run their stories through my head…I really should read the next five…but after I’ve mentally digested these books.

As I’ve finished book 5, I’m currently at what feels like a natural resting place for the time being… until I’m brave enough to go further with The Fever Series. ( because I have experienced one of the hardest book-hangover reading this far..I binge read then in about 3/4 days!! ) 

All I’m gonna leave you with…and this is a spoiler ( but only if you have read my other reviews on the first four books ) but I called it!! My BAG OF D**KS BAROMETER…NEVER FAILS!!!

Shadowfever on amazon UK

Shadowfever on amazon US


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