Faefever ( Fever #3) by Karen Marie Moaning

Another review in retrospect ( edited for swears cos dayum this book spun my brain!!) …I read this book earlier this year (2018) I didn’t have my Blog back when I was writing the reviews for this series… so I’m happy finally give them a home and  have them take up residence in their rightful place…..

Book 3 in fever series
ok I’ve gotten that out of my system somewhat….
We don’t learn anything more about any of the previous things we wanted to know. We learn about origins of the unseelie, we learn about the power puff girls lead by the massive bag of d**ks queen crone Rowena…we meet the greatest power puff girl Dani ( she literally kicks ass )

We get a few teasing glimpses about Mac’s sister…

‘Rhino sushi’ is the new thing… for everyone it seems…

Bikinis are the new outfit of choice…

Barron’s is even more of an enigma than before, some dark and light reflections on him that has Mac mentally swinging all over the place where to put him on the ‘chess board of players’ of whom there is….. now EVEN MORE!!


A much more explosively darker and grittier book, which mirrors our darker and somewhat wiser Mac..there were parts towards the closing of this book where I literally felt I was there and my adrenaline was pumping. Jesus this author can set tone and world build… props to KMM for those mad mad skillz.

I’m a gonner literally sucked into this series… I will surface one day… but who knows with  what emotional state or level of mental capacity I will be have.

Faefever on amazon UK

Faefever on amazon US


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