Dreamfever ( Fever #4) by Karen Marie Moaning

Another review in retrospect ( edited for swears cos dayum this book spun my brain!!) …I read this book earlier this year (2018) I didn’t have my Blog back when I was writing the reviews for this series… so I’m happy finally give them a home and  have them take up residence in their rightful place…..

Book 4 of fever series

Picking up right where book three finished with that MONSTER OF A CLIFFHANGER. 

The first five chapters are a mix of voices some Mac, some from the ultimate power puff herself Dani and some from some one else that I won’t say because NO SPOILERS

AND FINALLY we’re getting some revelations to the questions that the previous 3 Books raised… and I have to say that the gleefully perverted little book imp in me has enjoyed this delayed gratification in more ways than one.

If there had been no revelations or no balancing of power between Barron’s and Mac and Mac and the seelie/unseelie I would of been a raging SHE-HULK of annoyance but nope… gleeful book imp all the way.

I was not expecting the ending and I loved it! I thought it was gonna be pretty standard ’band of merry men, swoop in to save the day’… nope huh huh.. this is way way better!! 

As with the previous books in this series TRUST/lack of trust is a massive massive part of the story… the players on the ‘Chess board of dhoom’ as it’s now been upgraded…. are a bit blurred with where their loyalties lie but the are some steps in the right direction…. the massive bag of d**ks Rowena, is still a bag of d**ks but finally some action from her and not more judgemental braying ( OK OK… I lied there lots of that) but the other power puff girls pull their head out of the bag of d**ks ass and put on their big girl pants and kick some unseelie arse.

And yes another cliff hanger of an ending!!!!

But I’ve twigged now and I’m glad to have not read any spoilers regarding this book… hence why I’m being extra vague about this book because I’m not spoiling that ending for anyone!! 

I have defiantly enjoyed this book the most so far out of the series but only because of the revelations it hints and teases at.

Dreamfever on amazon UK

Dreamfever on amazon US


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