Bloodfever ( Fever #2) by Karen Marie Moaning

Another review in retrospect…I read this book earlier this year (2018) I didn’t have my Blog back when I was writing the reviews for this series… so I’m happy finally give them a home and  have them take up residence in their rightful place.

Second book in fever series.

So my list of things that I want to know with regard to this series is getting bigger and bigger.

And yes some information is coming out about ‘the chess board of whose who’ and I have to say I really really really don’t like Rowena.. I think she is the biggest bag of d**ks walking around in the book world… so well done KMM for your characters building.

It’s no often I get some intense dislike for characters but that scene in the SSP really really made my blood boil. The other intense dislike for a characters I had was for inspector Jayne… he’s a bag of d**ks as well but a slightly smaller one… yes his partner died…yes I understand his pain.. and that he’s a cop.. but jumping to conclusions much. It really telling that the apparent ‘good guys’ are pinging my Bookpimp senses..

I was glad to read that although Mac’s ‘growing up’ it’s a gradual work in progress… for her to have become ‘an adult’ straight away would have not be believable. Her power rush after her ‘rhino sushi’ actually made me laugh! Because I understand why she would have felt the extreme contrast from practically being at deaths door.

Barrons… we are no closer to finding out what he is… we just know a few things more of what he isn’t…..mmmmmm yeah satisfying…not… intriguing…somewhat.

Still set in the first person speaking about past events style, which I have grown used to and as the book was so engrossing I didn’t notice as many of mac’s ‘ I won’t bore you comments’ or maybe there wasn’t as many of them.

I enjoyed this story more that the first but I think that’s because the story feels to be ‘hotting up’ and so I’m going to continue with the series. Again I cannot praise the world building of this author enough. As a UKer I’ve been to some of the places she talks about and she has nailed then.

Bloodfever on amazon UK

Bloodfever on amazon US



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