Darkfever ( Fever #1) by Karen Marie Moaning

I read this book earlier this year (2018)…I wanted to share the review with you, because when i read back…I laugh at how emotionally invested i became in this series and how passionate I am in the reviews…

First read by this author and first in series.

I had been recommended this book a while ago and eventually it wound up on the top of my tbr pile.

I was sucked into the story straight away, ( which I’m not going to go in to because  1-no spoilers and 2 – its so freaking great you need to read it yourself)

I wanted to know what happened to mac’s Sister.
I wanted to see if anything would come between Mac and barrows…if anything because at this point I’m thinking no… unless this is one hell of slow burn kinda love?
I wanted to know more from the old woman.
I wanted explanations to all the questions and information that was actually being given.

How Mac could just put up with no replies and counter questions from barrows drove me bloody mental. I’m still trying to figure out if I like him.. at all…But then at times so did Mac… her ‘I won’t bored you with all the details comment’ showed up more than I care to admit… don’t bloody tell me show me!! And don’t assume those details will bore me missy!!! But for me that’s another way of bringing some ‘real ness to the charachters’ so I can deal with it for now…

Now normally I’m not one who favours the way this story is told… in past tense and from the one persons point of view….but this was quite skilfully done by the author. the foreshadowing of future events did give me one or two eye ticks ( again don’t hint just let it happen ) however this was forgiven in light of the brilliant world building and creativeness and descriptions of the world and position that Mac had found herself to be in.

Her being ‘queen of the barbies’ as I’ve seen commented really didn’t bother me… she’s a 22 year old cloistered and protected kid… yes she’s 22… BUT In the grand scheme of things…she’s still a kid…who lives at home with her mom and dad… she’s as deep as a puddle because she has no reference or real understanding of the world outside her bubble and that was fine as far as I was concerned as again it brought more realism to the story and Mac in general for me.

The fact that she refers to her self as Mac BTC ( before the call ) and talks of lines of demarcation is no clearer than the the one that happens when she hears about her sisters fate. So obviously she would grow up a bit. But fundamentally she’s a girlie girl and she isn’t gonna suddenly become GI JANE… Jesus buffy summers was a girlie girl why can’t Mac be one ( and No I am Not a girlie girl )

The long and short of my review is this. I liked it, it’s gripped me to where I want to know more and I’ve got the second book to read.

Darkfever on amazon UK

Darkfever on amazon US


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