Playing With Monsters ( Playing With Monsters #1 ) by Amelia Hutchins

First in series and first read by this author

Called home after running away 3 years earlier ( following the discovery of her fiancé cheating on her and the death of her brother ) Magdalena/Lena is summoned back to her coven to take part in the awakening harvest. A ceremony that strips the binding/curse of blocking a young witches powers and allowing them to come into their powers and in return protect and continue the covert ( by way of rumpus with a dead ancestor chosen hook up )
A lot has changed in the covern since she has been gone and not all of those changes are positive. An obvious push and pull for power ( inside the elders council ) has resulted in the coven opening it doors and searching out other witches to take part of the awakening harvest.

Que mysterious, hawt and controlling benefactor/hero/bad guy?… aka Lucien. He has his own agenda and reasons to be helping Lena’s coven, he is hunting a woman Katarina….or rather the reincarnation of her that appears at every awakening harvest.

But he is not the only hunter…and katarina is not the only hunted. Someone is out to hurt Lena… and destroy the coven..

And that’s just a snippet of the plot that is in this story deep book! My head is actually reeling and I’m still processing this book… it’s a dark and gripping, slow burn that catches fire but doesn’t give much away… and I’m still thinking ‘have I missed something’?

There are hints, glimpses and a whole lot of teases of information going on but not much by way of confirmation… and yes it’s the first in series which is understandable.. these are all ( well executed ) tools used to grab the reader in and keep them engaged and by god it did…BUT I WANT SOME ANSWERS!! 😆😆😆 I have a love/hate relationship with books that mentally tie me up in knots. I love the build up and reveal but it’s the wracking my brain and all the guessing until that reveal that drive me a little potty. Oh how I love books!!

This is not a book for the feint hearted. There is a lot of angst, emotional and physical pain. There is graphic descriptions of sex ( sub/Dom ) and abuse. TRIGGER WARNING!

The author includes a forward explaining that Lucien is not your typical book boyfriend..that he is not easy to love…. with his controlling, almost abusive behaviour towards Lena..however with the hints of his back story… it’s not excused but maybe a little more understandable why he acts and behaves the way he does. Those little flashes of gentleness and caring for Lena are there.
But still… the jury is out on Lucien until I have more info….
Lena, is not an emotional sharer at all. She is filled with pain, her reasons for leaving the covern are understandable… her desire to claim her powers to aid her family and covern is commendable….she is a fighter and not one to roll over…shown time and time again with her battles with Lucien, makes her a realistic charachter…. but again I need more info!

And I will Have to get more info because HOLY CLIFF HANGERS!!!

Lucky for me book two has just released because the thought of waiting for the next instalment would be too much 🙌🏻🙌🏻

Playing with Monsters on amazon UK

Playing with Monsters on amazon US


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