Guardian: Prison Planet #1 by Emmy Chandler

First read by this author and first in series.

Audra is on route the a prison planet, for a crime she didn’t commit. Caged alongside other women she has no hope for the future.

Landing in zone four it quickly becomes clear that things are a lot worse than she expected…Because this planet is filled with men and women who have a longtime agreement.

A selection of the new women prisoners are sent to the men’s settlement to be swapped with it last lot of new recruits. Where individually must choose who will provide, shelter and protect them for the next month in exchange for sexual service. The women can be kidnapped and hurt by another prisoner if her ‘protector’ isn’t up to scratch or they can try to run and be hunted down by a hungrey mob out for blood.

Faced with just those two choices and a younger strange and physic like woman to protect called Maci, Audra MUST choose someone who she thinks will actually provide, shelter and protect… out off all the men available… she chooses… Tyson.
Scarred, isolated and gruff. He has been on the prison planet for 15 years…. he only takes what he needs from the prison officers ration drops nothing more and never any of the women, spending as little time as possible the settlement… until he see Audra….he has never been picked by any of the new recruits…. but she picks him and suddenly he knows he needs her very much.

As I normally do, I chose this book flying blind.. other than knowing it was a prison planet book… I knew very little.

This is a gritty, dystopian-esq story.  A veritable banquet for my greedy little bookpimp brain.

Now I’ve read more than my fair share of prison planet story’s and sci fi story’s and dystopian stories but wow.. this was all of those and so much more, all wrapped up in a single book. But what a mighty book it is.. I read this book in one sitting.. over a number of hours and didn’t even stop for snacks!! ( 😱😱😱) Because I could not put it down!

The story is mainly set from Audra point of view, she’s a nurturer, caring  and kind person but after setting her mind to be ‘looking out for herself’ she winds up looking after macy because of her guilt…NO SPOILERS… and reveals her mushy centre.

She’s a brilliantly written character, she wants to see the good in humanity and searches for it even when she knows she will be disappointed and then assumes when she finds that humanity and goodness that because of the way it’s package it comes with strings attached. To be fair to Audra, this is why I enjoyed her charachter so much because ‘her doubts’ and reactions felt real. 

As the story progresses and we get an introduction to Tyson, we get more chapters from his POV… Tyson.. whom I adored… ( I always love the big gruff grumpy ones with extra soft and gooie marshmallow centres) is a born protector,  self reliant and isolated kinda guy,  assuming that no one will see past the exterior.
I adored their developing relationship it was tender and sweet and so well crafted amid the backdrop of criminals, convicts and sad bleak existence.

Now this book isn’t one of the darkest or most trigger filled book that I’ve read but it is a gritty prison story so consider THIS you trigger warning. Me personally I’m off to read the next instalment!

Guardian: prison planet on

Guardian: prison planet on




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