Jewel of The Sea: The Kraken #2 by Tiffany Roberts

Second book in The Kracken series

We pick up not far after book one finishes…Macy and Jax escaped with the aid of Macy’s father, her ex and her friend Aymee..

Aymee is a doctor and an artist. Surrounded but always feeling misplaced. 

That was until she met Arkon, ( he and D helped to rescue Jax when he was held prisoner ) between the two of them a regular exchange of letters and provisions between the settlement of The Watch and the underwater base where the Kraken reside has been taking place. 
To ensure that macy and her loved ones do not loose contact…..

But there is more to it then that… despite the risk.. Aymee is compelled to continue the exchange because of her interest in Akron. 

Arkon is and has always been different from the other Kraken, he is consumed by life’s mysteries and it’s patterns. So it’s not surprising when he and Aymee finally meet that he is captivated by her. 

But there is a new threat looming for both Aymee and Arkon, the hunters or rangers as they like to call themselves have come to investigate the Kraken…. and no one is safe in or out of the sea it seems. 

This book is so rich in story I did not want it to end, The layers of history around planet Holra and it’s earlier settlers is one in dying to get to the bottom of. I’m loving the mystery/suspense side of that and the world building and development that has gone in to this story.
This book is a wonderful contrast to the first in that macy and jax were quite fiery and tempestuous characters… whereas Aymee and Arkon are artistic methodical thinkers… but by no means less chemistry filled… what started as a wonderfully teasing slow burn of emotions turned in to a raging fire and wow.. those sparks!!! 

As with the previous book the parallels ( in this story ) with today’s world and it’s lack of tolerance for anything ‘not the norm’ can be seen and felt and it’s a strong lesson in embracing the differences to work towards a common goal… survival. An important and beautiful message too. 

Fantasy at its best, gripping and compelling and I just had to devour it in one go! 💚💚🐙🦑

Jewel of The Sea on

Jewel of The Sea on


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