Kiss of Death: Demons’ Muse #1 by Auryn Hadley

First in this series

Sienna is an artist, whilst celebrating selling a painting she goes to her local garage to buy a drink whilst there talking to the owner ( Jamal ), a man enters and holds them at gunpoint after shooting Jamal and hurting Sienna.. a hooded man comes to their aid. But Sienna realised that the man isn’t a man but actually DEATH, who promises to save Jamal in exchange for a kiss…. and so beings Sienna fascination with Death.. not dying but the entity that is Death, the man that saved her.

Fast forward 4 years and Sienna is at university, working on a better life… she wants a degree, a good job and security. What she already has is a uncanny affinity with art, a continuing fascination with ‘her Death’ and a somewhat wonky ability to bring her art to life… what she ends up with is 3 demons, an angel and being stuck in the crossfire of a war that has raged for thousands of years and spanned 5 separate universes.

Complex, vibrant and mindbendingly good this book was so different from The other series by this author that I’m working my way through ( FYI Rise of The Iliri 🙌🏻💚)
I adore when authors write multi genre and even moreso when they write it so FREAKING well!!
The combination of magic and science that this book has running through it… as far as I’m concerned give or take a few hundred years and they are the same thing… is just fantastic… . I’m oversimplifying that concept but I just don’t care… I loved it, it made the story transferable and real to me.

This book takes its time building the story and charachters, it’s not as fast paced ( as ROTI ) but that’s not a bad thing in my book.. ( hehehe book pun! ).. it’s a completely different story so by rights the feel to it is different. I felt it echoed how Sienna was adapting to all the changes and revelations in her life… one step at a time… slow and steady.. but dayum, once it hits its stride there is no stopping it. The slow burn theme is carried through to Siennas relationships with others too.. after all this is building the set up to be a reverse harem series… again no complaints here.

If angels, demons, epic battles, mythology and a kick ass heroine is what your looking for… then this book is all those things and so so much more!
I fornone will be keeping and eye out for the next instalment in this series.

Kiss of Death on

Kiss of Death on



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