Queen Takes Queen: Their Vampire Queen, #3 by Joely Sue Burkhart

Book three in this absurdly mindbogglingly wonderful series

Picking up once more, straight after the events in book 2.
Shara Isador, last daughter and queen of the goddess Isis continues to strengthen her nest (stronghold ) with the aid of her ‘blood’ alpha Rik, Daire, G, xin, mehen, Navarre and new addition Ezra.
Since the moment Rik and Daire entered her life, Shara has faced attacks from thralls, opposing queens and even a god. Time is of the essence and no one knows this more than Shara, with a blessings of support from ‘the Morrigan’ and her Nest made secure, Shara welcomes the thought of a moments peace. However A warning from a faraway Aztec Queen Mayte, advises this is not to be and the North American Queen ‘Skye’s’ has plans to attack are gladly received.

Victorious in the attack that follows, Shara must now travel with her bloods to Mayte’s Nest. Why would a long established, self isolated queen want to become a ‘sib’ ( ally ) to a new unknown queen. The risks are many and the outcome looks dire but Shara, despite continuing to grow in power, does not have as large a Nest as Skye and will need as many ally’s as she can get in that battle that is sure to come in the days ahead.

This series continues to blow my book loving mind… this series is a veritable feast of a book, rich in plot, depth of characters and brimming with action.

There is no down time in the story and as a reader I was fully and willingly held captive by every page.
More and more is being revealed about Shara’s individual bloods, it’s not gone unnoticed that each blood has his own trauma/trial that he has to experience before finding his way to Shara. That each member continues to get his own POV chapter, allowing furthermore development of their individuality so that they aren’t ‘lost’ in the harem.
Rik as alpha, continues to been the main ‘blood’ the fact, which I totally approve… he is such a fantastic character…rough, strong, commanding, considerate and caring but also the most vulnerable too… I adore the protective and loving relationship between Shara and Rik and that it flows in both directions.

I continue to adore the mythology that runs through this series too, so far we’ve had Egyptian, Celtic, Greek and in this book Aztec…. The addition of which is fantastic, adding another dimension… BUT MY GOD! I cannot even think how to say those names never mind spell them…

I am in book hangover heaven at present and I’m sure to suffer painfully ( and noisily ) until the release of the next instalment in this series.

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