Queen Takes King: Their Vampire Queen, #2 by Joely Sue Burkhart

Second book in this epic vampire reverse harem series

Picking up directly where book one finished off, Shara, Rik, And Daire have returned to Sahara’s childhood home. The are expecting more ‘blood’ aka knights to arrive and soon they are joined by G ( whose name I am not even gonna attempt to spell ) Xin, Mehen and Navarre fortifying and strengthening Shara further. She has no choice but to adapt and learn her powers…FAST.

With the death of Greyson the master thrall in the first book and a head reeling with all the has happened is such a short time span, Shara has no choice but to adapt, she wants answers to her questions, some she gets others are just hints…

With the reveal of a task, from Isis… to seek out the leviathan and more enemies appearing at every turn… Shara’s goal to secure a nest ( stronghold ) is more vital now than ever.

There is so much GOOD STUFF packed into this series…

Rik is still my fave 💚 I can’t help it he is just great book boyfriend material, alpha, dominant, yet supportive and nurturing and funny..
Shara is becoming so kick ass in such a short amount of time despite being overwhelmed by everything that has happened… The  timing in this book and the previous is flawless.. so much going on that when Shara remembers/realises/recounts the time that has passed and thinks ‘oh man..really’ I felt it too!

I really enjoyed the increasing differing POV chapters, they allow the reader to gain insight into the ‘bloods’ characters, emotions and motives…in so many other RH books I’ve read, it seems that once the introduction of a ‘new male’ is made… he is quickly forgotten about… but not in this book… in this book we are allowed to see the different perspectives, whilst gaining an external view of shara.
A fantastic way of showing and cataloging her and the ‘bloods’ development and emotional growth.

The story continues to be fast paced, action packed and in fact kicks up a notch or 3 building to the already established layers of story that run through this book. Without becoming too complax.

It’s a overall fantastic series and brilliant book and I’m delving into book 3…..now!

Joely Sue Burkhart on amazon.com

Joely Sue Burkhart on amazon.co.uk


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