Queen Takes Knights: Their Vampire Queen, #1 by Joely Sue Burkhart

First read by this author and first series

On the run from decaying monsters since the death and murder of her mother.. Shara has been alone for the past 5 years. Moving from town to town to keep one step ahead of the monsters, living and surviving hand to mouth taking on odd jobs when she can. Working as a maid for a hotel she’s on her way home after one last job, and knows she’s lingered too late this time….they’ve found her. 

Surrounded by the monsters she see no way out but death, her own… until in the darkness come two strangers, Alrik a behemoth of a man and Daire a smiling assassin.. they are Amia, Vampires. Accepting their help is not something that independent, strong willed survivor Shara would normally do… but they ‘feel’ right and safe and tell her more about herself than she would have ever guessed. Not only is she a vampire, but a Queen and descendant of Isis.

Wow this story packs a punch, not for the faint hearted ( let this be your trigger warning folks ).
This is a combination of true horror and splatter punk at its descriptive best mixed with a big heaping dollop of chemistry! Also if you like you reads clean or conservative ( as in m/f ) then this is not the book for you ( which is ok… more for me!! )

Fast paced and action packed this book has taken the vampire trope and given it a brainteasingly original twist thereby creating an absolute gem of a read.

It’s a refreshing breathe of fresh air to me, I’ve read too many of the same vamp books rehashed and rewritten without the care and attention the genre deserves…. and THIS BOOK reminded me why I started reading vampire books so so many years ago!! ( well done Mz Burkhart, you have renewed my love for vamps which I had thought long gone ❤️)

Filled with a fantastically developed backstory that unfolds at a great pace. My mind isn’t given the chance to wander because the plot is too slow or confused because it’s too fast… it’s a steady drip feed of information that is administered perfectly.

Filled with richly developed and colourful Charachters! The developing relationship between Shara, Rik and Daire is again multilayered and I cannot wait to see how it grows and changes with the addition of other ‘bloods’ aswell as factoring in Shara’s own changes as she grows/ discovers her own powers and history…AND THIS IS JUST BOOK 1!!

I cannot wait to see how this story progresses and am diving into book two right now!

Joely Sue Burkhart on amazon.co.uk

Joely Sue Burkhart on amazon.com


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