The Learning Hours (How to Date a Douchebag, #3) by Sara Ney

Third instalment in this series

Rhett is the newest member to the wrestling team, he’s a transfer and being the ‘new guy’ is having a hard time managing his college buddies… who are all deuchebags. A constant butt of their jokes he is struggling when one joke gets him, a self proclaimed ‘ugly guy’, a lot of unwanted attention.

Laurel has witnessed a few of the ‘jokes’ the wrestling team have pulled on the new guy, and felt sorry for him despite taking part in on one of those jokes… she realises there is more to Rhett than just wrestling and is shocked to find herself wanting to know more about him.

Ok now… I’m gonna be frank… I wasn’t sure about laurel from the start, Rhett was an absolute sweetheart and oh…. did find myself pissed off on his behalf with the Quasimodo comments… yep being pissed off for a fictional character… not strange at all. When Laurel’s participation in the #getrettlaid scheme is revealed…things appear very bleak, I felt absolutely gutted for Rhett. ( well done Miss just wowed my bookpimp mind and made him REAL!! Kudos to you )

However it gave Laurel the opportunity to redeem herself and work on being not so ‘cock sure’ of herself. It also gave a lot more realism to the book, I’ve said it before and I will say it again..I like some flaws in my characters…nobody is perfect..not even fictional characters 

I adored the developing friendship and relationship between Rhett and laurel, He was a wonderfully written character and completely stole my bookpimping heart.

Another emotional love fest of a book ( in this series ) that again brought something original to the table, and oh it was an absolute joy to witness/read.

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