The Failing Hours (How to Date a Douchebag, #2) by Sara Ney

Second in series.

We met Zeke Daniels in the first book in this series, for the untrained eye he appeared to be the biggest deuchebag of them all. Harsh, abrasive and rude…a living, breathing man with a mountain on his shoulder not a chip.

Turns out he is protective of his heart and not one to let people close. A life time of abandonment by those meant to love him the most has taught him that, nothing good happens when you give away your emotions.
Meeting violet his tutor makes him question his behaviour and reasons why he is such a self confessed shit.
Violet who is a nice, caring, welcoming and and a gentle person despite her own history of abandonment. Violet who takes one ‘look’ at the grumpy, arrogant Zeke…and decides that hell no…she cant tutor him…and chokes…

Where the first book had all the laughs and bubbly chemistry of a lovable couple getting together, this book has a foundation set in deeper stuff.
Filled with internal struggles, emotion and heartbreak it was an absolute joy to read….Reading/watching Violet and Zeke conquer their personal demons was both heartbreaking and beautiful and so unexpected….

I was hoping Zeke wouldn’t and couldn’t be that much of a deuchebag!!

Sara Ney on

Sara Ney on


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