The Coaching Hours (How to Date a Douchebag, #4) by Sara Ney

Final book in this series ( although I’m hoping for more..please )

This book took me by surprise I was wondering whose story it would be, I made a point not to read the blurb of the last two because I enjoyed the first two so much and I was just rolling with it…

We catch up with Elliot… Elliot is/was Oz and Zeke’s quiet roommate from book one… the non deuchebag who isn’t a wrestler, but a solid nice guy….

We also meet Annabelle, she’s coach Donnelly’s daughter and a transfer to Iowa, after a pretty shitty first week she is rescued by Elliot  on two different occasions and they decide to become roommates… from there is a wonderful slow burn of emotions and it was brilliant……

Until I realised that SARA NEY LIED!!! …..She states that this book is NOT about a deuchebag……

HOWEVER….I disagree…Elliot is actually a bit of a deuchebag…not a massive one but he still made me have a serious… WTF moment…I’m not giving any spoilers… read the book, he is!!!!… and again a fictional character broke another fictional characters heart and thereby broke mine in the process!!! and I loved every word, sentence and page of it!!

I do not have the words to express my shock,  suddenly this wonderful, lighthearted contemporary romance decided to kick my arse with a dose of the ever loving feels!!

( and i am happy to report that Elliot is then no longer as much…… of a  deuchebag ) 

Oh the book hanger from those series is sooooo worth it….. and I’m so so  sad because I want more. HINT HINT!!

Sara Ney on

Sara Ney on


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