Instinctual: Rise of The Iliri #2 by Auryn Hadley

Second installement in this kick ass action packed series.

Sal has been a part of the black blades for 8 months. Moved on to a new city on a sercret mission the black blades have their orders to intercept and retrieve 3 cases of priceless rare steel. A bribe from the emperor to his sovereign leaders to wipe out and destroy all who challenge him.

The black blades have their work cut out for them, announcing and revealing their iliri heritage, they systematically learn who is friend and who is foe.

The lines have been drawn, and the stakes are getting higher, plots thicken, develop and are revealed. The CFC officials are waiting to pounce on the black blades should they falter in any way…

But the changes that have come are stiring up not only the CFC… iliri support is being raised and the black blades find themselves welcome and supported in ways and places that they hadn’t before.

I was blown away by the first book in this series… and the second did not disappoint… I thought the first book was filled with plot and suspense but holy cow this book had it in spades!!

Whilst still pumping out those hard feels for Sal, Jace 💚 and Blaec to process…. as much as I know Sal loves Blaec… Jace is my 💚 the feisty, no nonsense straight shooting assassin gets me EVERYTIME he opens his mouth…and I know Sal feels the same way… finally accepting that she loves him as much as she loves Blaec.  
( Jace she is ‘getting you better’ but your STILL my first man )

But I understand with her past she is reluctant to feel anything positive, for even a moment for fear that it could be stripped away from her. Her continual development as a charachter is both ( emotional ) torture and a pleasure because she is SUCH a kick arse heroine! And so complex, multilayered and well written!!

With the addition of two new blades and some other new ‘friends’ I cannot wait to see how this series continues and develops. All I know is that I feel a big shake down brewing… I’m late to the party reading this series BUT…I’m going to take my time because THIS SERIES…is fantastic and I’m enjoying my leisurely stroll through this harsh, brutal, beautiful world ( that I can literally see, smell taste and touch each time I turn a page ) and am enjoying it one beautifully and artistically crafted book at a time.

Auryn Hadley on

Auryn Hadley on


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