Taming The Giant: A Kindred Tales Novel by Evangeline Anderson

Continuation from this authors Brides of The Kindred Series.

A series that I am proud to say sparked and fed the eternal flame that is my love for sci fi romance.

A clash of old meets new in the telling of this story.
On a medieval-esq planet where all the men have fallen to the red eyes plague, the Princes Alanah and all her female subjects have been left fending for themselves. The land is cold and it grows colder as winter approaches. Food is limited and the work is hard but must be done. There is nothing but work for the princess and she leads the way with her example… carrying out the work when it needs to be done. The only joy she has is when she dreams of the man with stone coloured skin and dark hair… but this saddens her to because dreams are not real….

Bram is captain of the Jorgen-kindred mothership. Technologically advanced, His kindred ancestors splintered away from the original mother ship years ago, to bond with the Jorgen. A race of giants and despite knowing that as always with the kindred race… eventually more males would be born and no females. Leaving a race of giant males to die alone.

Bram has been following his dreams of the Princess Alanah for some six months.. what feels a life time… but time is up… for Bram, the princess and her world… he has a short period of time to convince her and her followers to escape the planet before it is destroyed.

As always a beautiful, emotion packed and touching story, one that I adored. I loved the concept of the giant kindred…I saw the pictures that Evangeline posted that inspired her to write this book. I have to say she brought those pictures to life for me perfectly. This story was so well developed and and was beautifully written from both the princess and Bram’s point of view.

Touching and heart warming and filled with Evangeline’s tell tale ‘kindred chemistry’ I could not put it down!

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3 thoughts on “Taming The Giant: A Kindred Tales Novel by Evangeline Anderson

  1. Fantastic post- I love your blog name 🙂


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