Demon Mine by Marina Simcoe

This was my first read by this author. ( I’ve since read all her other books ) 

Wow… different and refreshingly so…

Alyssa has been held captive by masked amour suited men for a long time… she doesn’t know how long.. she gave up scratching the passing days into her cell wall.. weighed down with despair she doesn’t know how much longer she can hold on to her fragile grip of hope. Her fight is gone and so is her the strength to fight what has happened to her.

Sytirius is a soldier, a handler..Aylssas new handler.. a demon, an incubus to be precise.

A race of beings that feed on positive human emotions. He is starving and the only positive to his life is Alyssa. Building on a fragile as glass friendship they begin to see each other…as more than just captive and handler.

Until one day during a feeding.. Alyssa is nearly killed by the grand master and Sytirius decides… he must save her… like she has saved him, from starvation, from loneliness and the nothingness that his life had become.  

I adored watching the relationship, friendship and understanding develop between Alyssa and Sytirius… how two very different beings came to tolerate and work together in the most dire of circumstances, to aid not one but both of their species. 

This book is full of questions and debate – about free will, about power, about the needs of few outweighing the needs of many? 

It is a multi-genre book, paranormal/dark/erotic/romance….it cannot be labelled so I wont try. All i will say is that it is a fantastic story, the emotions that run through this book are so deep and strong and I felt them HARD. This is not a ‘fluffy read’ and I’m not saying that as a negative, because fluffy reads are great, but this is an fast paced emotional roller coaster of a book and a brilliant example of emotive writing at its best.

Consider this your one and only trigger warning because it does portray, discuss and challenge ‘adult themes’. BUT don’t let that scare you…this author is a true wordsmith of the heart and has quickly become one  of my all time favourite authors because of her ‘hard feeling’ emotive books and the way she challenges society and the worlds ideas around relationships. 

other recommended reads by this author include:

The Real Thing

Enduring: Valos of Sonhadra #8

Marina Simcoe on

Marina Simcoe on


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