Turn & Burn: The ‘Cuda Chronicles #2 by Eden Connor

Second book in this series

I’m mind blown right now. It’s 5am I’ve not stoped reading since I started this book.
My initial reaction is… what?!!??

There are a lot of thoughts going through my head but the main one is.. what the hell is shelby doing??? This book was so freaking good… but my lord… Shelby..you asshole! That ending has finished me off… I want to go and read book 3 right now! But I can’t ive got work in a few hours and my poor whiplashed brain needs to function on some level for that!

Some time later after a power nap…or three…..

Ok so I’ve slept, I’ve had some coffee and I will try to make sense of my earlier reaction to this book…( I’ve read book 3 aswel after a major toddler tantrum over the fact that real life was interrupting and delayed my fictional life…HOW RUDE)…

This book is set four years after Gas or Ass, Shelby left to go to college and is 6 months away from finishing. However, Pulled back into a world of pain she’s tried her best to escape, there’s no way she can not return… revenge is better a red head bitch…

I want to explain why I called Shelby an asshole… after the total mindbending games those boys put her through, the dark and oh so twisty messed up treatment she received in book 1… I understand completely her actions and why she chose to leave and why the author left us with a stinking cliff hanger of DHOOM! But ow man… it hurt me… hurt me sooo bad. 

But after spending some time thinking about it I’ve come to the conclusion. For Shelby to be able to trust anyone from the Hannah family was a miracle… one that was gonna happen… yet…

This book is so so so many layers of pain and hurt. Learning which hurts need to be healed first and why those hurts are the most painful. Yeah it’s easy from an outside perspective to say that about someone else… from an inside perspective, we all know our what triggers us, when to push and pull on the wounds that cause the most pain and which ones to run the hell away from as fast as possible. That what the Hannah’s were to Shelby…the biggest throbbing hurt….but dayum it was painful and wonderful and mesmerising watching Shelbys journey.

I understand that the boys needed to have a taste of the pain that Shelby experience… what they received in shelbys ‘revenge’ wasn’t a fraction of what they deserved… but the ‘total girl’ in me was glad because if I’m being honest… I was rooting for one of those brothers from day one… and I literally felt my heart tear in two during this book numerous times.

The first book Gas or Ass… was the set up… this book was a masterpiece of a trap! Hot damm did it spring on me… And I adored every bloody second!

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