Pedal To The Metal: The ‘Cuda Chronicles #3 by Eden Connor

Fantastic third instalment of this dark and oh so twisty book.

So much story packed in to this book and the two previous. Words cannot express how much I have enjoyed this bass ass story of Shelby Roberts-Hannah, her step brother Caine and colt, her step father Dale, best friends Caroline and Johnny.

I cried with grief when I had to put this book down at 7am because I had to try and sleep some amount of time before I went to work! Talk about toddler tantrum! I literally ran out of work and wanted to take a page out of Shelby’s book and speed all the way home so I could get home to continue reading. 

The layers of mysetery, suspense and intrigue that went into this book and the previous two was mind blowing at no point did I feel anything other than so bloody thankful that I stumbled over the recommendation for Gas or Ass. Because this series has literally blown my mind.

I adored Dale, I adored Caine… I loved Shelby..Ernie and Francine have my heart ❤ 

Perfectly real in every way, flaws and all. But those flaws..those are what makes us human. Those are the interesting bits that makes a person, and Eden Connor is the master at bringing those oh so ‘real’ fictional charachters to life. 

This book has so many messages…but the main one is the best… stick together… don’t do others down because you don’t like their choices -or your jealous of their choices – we all get the same choices in our lives.. it’s what we make of them that counts. If you want something that bad you gotta get off your arse and break open a can of elbow grease to get it. 

I’m devastated that I cannot just dive into book four because it’s not released yet…but as soon as that bad boy does… you can bet your shines red boots…that a copy will be mine!!

Eden Connor on

Eden Connor on


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