Gas or Ass: The ‘Cuda Confessions #1 by Eden Connor


First read by this author first in series.

So I was stumbling through on of my book recommendation groups on Facebook and there was a lot of discussion going on about this book.

I hadn’t read the blurb I didn’t even look at the cover. All I knew was that it was a ‘step brother book’ I literally down loaded and read. All I knew was a book that had created that much debate…needed to be read! 

Shelby is nearly 18, close to finishing school. Her mother is a woman so in love with love that she gets married a month after being with her new boyfriend. Used to being forsaken by her mother when a man is on smthe scene, Shelby is distraught at the news.
Dale is a NASCAR driver..he has two grown sons colt and Caine. It’s expected that they will all live together and make one big happy family…Shelby designs herself to the fact that she will be at college in less than five months. She can grin and bare it.

But Shelby is drawn to both of her ‘step brothers’ and soon things become clear that the brother have other plans for her. Street racing and the brothers sexual antics soon become Shelby’s whole life….and her plans for the future don’t seen so focused on college but her growing love and attraction to the brothers… especially Colt.

This book is so much more than a ‘step brother’ book. This was an interesting, decidedly dark and twisty read, the scenarios that Shelby found herself in were quite shocking and sexual. This is your warning this book is not for the feint hearted, prudish or judgemental. The hurts that we’re revealed at the end were… expertly crafted.

I can’t say much more about the story without giving it away and it’s too good a story to do that. It does not end with the typical happy ever after…most people would say that their isn’t one BUT, for me I felt that Shelby got her own HEA of sorts…or the start of making one for herself.

I for one will be continuing with this series. I’m invested in Shelby and want to know what happens to her. Kudos to the author for writing such a ‘real to life’ charachter.

I have to say I adored the authors notes regarding this story at the front of the book. It was a brilliant and touching and from the heart. 

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