Finding Sanctuary: Silver Creek Shifters #1 by Jules Tyler

First book in new series from Jules Tyler.

Following the break up and assault by her ex partner, Stella has fled her home in Seattle to the the mountains and security of childhood memories spent with her loving grandfather in silver creek.

Stella is searching for herself, a way to become the strong person she was. What she finds alongside that is a childhood friend. One who shared long idling summers and sweet childhood memories, until it all ended when her grandfarther and only family member passed away.

Brady has always wondered what happened to Stella, knowing she was important all those years ago. So when he stumbles across her in one of his cabins he is stunned. Reunited in past friendship they work together to overcome Stella’s fears. Until he has to overcome one of his own….that she will run and be lost to him again when she finds out his secret.

A beautifully written book about old friendship evolving in to new love.
The relationship between Stella and Brady was sweet and I thought the evolution from friends to lovers was done exceptionally well. Stella’s concerns were real… there is nothing scarier than putting you heart in the hands of someone else, especially for someone who has suffered a traumatic past and so in that respect I must commend the author on writing such ‘a real reaction’.

I really enjoyed first in series. The shifter genre is often copied and imitated but this author has tamed the beast, kicked its ass and made it her own….A DRAGON! 🐲🐲🐲

Finding Home: Silver Creek Shifter series #2 releases March 17th

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1 thought on “Finding Sanctuary: Silver Creek Shifters #1 by Jules Tyler

  1. Just picked it up. Thanks for sharing the review.

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