GRIM: Tournians #1 by M.K.Eidem

First in series and first read by author.

Lisa is a widow, with her two daughters she is coming to terms with the loss of her husband after a prolonged fight with cancer. Whilst visiting his grave, she finds herself kidnapped by a race of brightly colour aliens.

Aliens who are adamant that they are allowed to take ‘unprotected females’. Despite explaining that her husband is passed, it’s not until king grim offers his protection and support that he realises he has gained so much more that he ever thought.. for grim is scared and deemed unfit.

Despite this lisa trusts the giant gruff bronze man with her heart and her two young daughters safety and well being. grim is shocked by his strange alien queen, how could she honour him so, with her heart and her children.

However devious plots have been disrupted by their joining and grind enemies will stop at nothing to take what they want even if it means death and pain to all who stand in their way.


Filled with intrigue, villainous bad guys and evils deeds. Balanced beautifully with a wonderfully written sassy, strong female lead.. and great gruff new king of book boyfriends!
Grim and lisa were fantastic together and had some wonderful chemistry filled moments.

pure unadulterated escapism at its finest!

This book was an absolute pleasure and joy to read! I will be continuing with this series and author.

M.k.Eidem’s website

M.K.Eidem on goodreads


2 thoughts on “GRIM: Tournians #1 by M.K.Eidem

  1. That sounds fabulous! I must read it!

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