Gabe: Glass City Hearts #1 by Desiree Lafawn

First in new series from this Author. 

Angel is an author and part time singer, she lives in a retirement home… despite the fact she is NOT an elderly person or retired.

She has a fantastic life, albeit a somewhat lonely one….. until suddenly, she doesn’t… she needs help fast… not knowing who to turn to she ends up on the door of a childhood friend..Gabe.

Physical and emotional distance hasn’t changed the old hurts and time hasn’t eased them like Angel believed.

Gabe wants answers, answers that Angel is too scared to admit as weakly healed scars are picked raw.

Fantastic and utterly gripping from the start! This book and its beautifully written charachters pulled me in and would not let go! Not that I have up much of a fight… in fact I was a willing participant!

My GAWD..this author can write a GREAT book boyfriend…and I loved the catch up with charachters from her previous book ( AHEM BECK!! AWARD AFOREMENTIONED BOOK BOYFRIEND )Heavy on the laughs, hawt chemistry and heart kicking feels.

As a reader… I love authors who are able to bend their comfort zones  and write across multi genres… Desiree Lafawn is one author who does so seemingly effortlessly!!And that to me is so deserving of recognition.

This book is a bloody diamond of a read and I cannot wait for more in the series and more from this author.

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