Whirlwind: Valos of Sonhadra #4 by Ripley Proserpina

Book 4 in the Valos of Sonhadra series

Putting her sister Marisol first EVERYTIME, Aveline ensures they can eat by stealing. Marisol makes the plans and Aveline carries out the thefts. She is a criminal and they are both being punished aboard the Concord….when the Doctors come to choose their experiment tests patients..Aveline puts herself in harms way…she does not want her sister to suffer….

Aveline has suffered aboard the prison ship Concord, torn apart to be stitched back together.. this is in the name of science ( like the other Doctors on the ship do to their test subjects ) it’s in the name of pain… and Aveline knows all about pain.
Covered in scars and blind in one eye, Aveline has resigned herself to the fact that she is where she should be… a criminal should be in prison, being punished.

When the Concord crash lands onto the alien plant Sonhadra, Aveline finds herself not on land but in the clouds.

Fleeing nebulous beings into a temple she somehow restores their heart stones and sets forth on a journey of self forgiveness. Something that she would never have been able to even consider without the understanding of an executioner, a healer, a guard and a scholar who also happen to be the last 4 ventos valos left. They have decided not only is she not a criminal and not a bad person… but she is their ‘one’

Breathtaking is a very fitting word for this book. the world building is done brilliantly. The author knows how to make a fictional place truely come to life.

I found it very apt,  the thought of beings who couldn’t contain strong emotions so they split apart until they could literally regroup and pull themselves back together. The fact that  Aveline was subjected to cruel punishments that literally tore her apart resulting in her being sewn back, (physically and mentally) together was not lost on me either.
Justice was a theme that rang through this book and without any spoilers I’m glad it ended the way it did, it was fitting and just.

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