Unfrozen: Valos of Sonhadra #9 by Regine Abel


Book 9 in the valos of sondhara series

Lydia is held captive on the prison ship concord, following an outbreak of a virus that she survived her natural occurring ability to regulate her body temperature caused interest in the wrong people… after countless experiments she still fights until suffering a crash, the concord is broken to pieces and she manages to escape.

Fleeing she finds herself in a frozen city surrounded by a frozen race of people, frozen asleep. After meeting the sole inhabitant Kai she manages to rescue his heartstone and this starts to build a growing trust between them, working together as a team to rescue and return the remaining heartstones to a few of his fellow valos. 

Working together as a unit building on their own trust issues, to overcome the fire Valos cruel fate. Lydia is once again put in danger, but its a risk she must take to be ensure her future. by taking control of her own fate.

I am loving this series and even more so that each book in this series is written by a different author!

The originality and creativeness of the story was a perfect balance and the world building was on point. Touching and beautiful I adored this book…watching the Trust and friendship develop between Kai and Lydia was pure magic, with flashes of humour and major feels!!!

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