Undying: Valos of Sonhadra #7 by Tiffany Roberts

Book 7 in valos of sondhara series

After the prison ship she has been held captive on crash lands, Quinn wakes up on a strange planet covered in blood and in fear for her safety. She heads away from the terrifying sounds of beasts in the forest and finds herself in a city of ruins.

Filled with humanoid sculptures made of rock, she doesn’t know what happened just that she appears to be the only living being around. That is until she knocks over a giant stature and meeting the guardian of behmet…. orishock.

Orishock has been alone for so long, guarding over his fellow valos who have turned to stone. He is death…alone and unfeeling for such a long time until Quinn knocked over the stature of the cruel monster that altered him and his people, and in the process revealing what was stolen from him so long ago… his heartstone.

Living and learning together, Quinn soon adapts to the harsh world and it’s strange guardian. Quinn hates her time on the concord, filled with pain and experiments, but she cannot be sad that it has changed her…those changes have given her more than she could ever believe.

Beautifully written and so original in its concept and creation this fabulous writer duo continue to bring to life a intimidating, harsh but beautiful world that is Sonhadra.

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