Tempest: Valos of Sonhadra #2 by Poppy Rhys

Book 2 In the Valos of Sonhadra Series.

We meet Charlie, just your typical 29 year old living her life in London… right?

WRONG…Charlie is a secret military operative..living in a futuristic London..one that has a pretty outstanding view of the prison ship Concord, where the lowest of the low criminals are kept and innocent bystanders are being used as leverage and experimental drugs and procedures.

The world has no idea what is going on or what the prison operatives have been doing to its residents.
Charlie has a goal, she must get onto the Concord, wilfully blowing her cover as an operative, getting caught and sentenced to become one of the occupants.

And this is just the first chapter…. holy moley! This book opens the series further spectacularly, I was swept away but the world that was created and could not pull myself away… I didn’t want to… and that’s was before any VALOS ( planet Sonhadra’s residents ) came in to the picture 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

Brick, trouble, stick and kid….if Charlie didn’t have to pick one..then I’m not either!! 😂😂😂
Each character was lovingly constructed and I really enjoyed the interactions between Charlie and them individually and as a group…I had some real LOL’s… also some real HARD FEELS…and they were beautifully done!

This book is an absolute gem of a read and the world building is fantastic. I’m left wanting more, especially with the sneaky peek of characters from book one!!

VOS on goodreads

VOS on Amazon.com

VOS on Amazon.co.uk


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