Enduring: Valos Of Sonhadra #8 by Marina Simcoe

Book 8 in the valos of sonhadra series

Zoya is in darkness, at the point where all she wants to do is die. There is no fight left in her… experiment after experiment at the cold vicious hand of drs on the prison ship Concord. She has endured all up to this point and when she is scheduled for one last experiment and then death… she feels no worry it will be over.

Except… things don’t go to plan. Ejected from the ship she somehow escapes with her life… she chooses to live to see the next day to see what it brings.. stumbling around sonhadra she finds herself again facing death by a massive beast until a giant rock Gollum drops in to save her.

Rock and vlunn are the only two remaining stone valos remaining, they have endured a life that was promised so much more by their creator. Settling in to a routine of mutual love they nurse the strange creature that looks like their creator back to life in the hope that she will be more, believe she is more and can save them from the fate of the rest of the Stone valos.

Holy shit this book, words cannot express the despair and sadness that I felt from zoya. She had such a sad life ( in the grand scheme of things ) to wish for death because of cruel experiments was gutting. Her sorrow was so strong I could physically feel it.
I really felt for her. I was a one woman cheer squad for this charachter, I loved seeing her evolve and mend her broken pieces back together.

I adored seeing rock and vlunn’s already established relationship grow and adapt to her presence. It was beautiful and wonderful to see… for a number of reasons… the main ones being….but by no way limited to
1) this is not a ‘typical reverse harem – or variant of the m/f/m genre – an establish gay??bi?? Couple adding to their home/relationship for frivialous sexual kicks
2) the men did not just touch the woman… there was moments of intamacy between the men ( and it was beautiful crafted ) bravo MARINA.. you trail blazer you!!

The fact that a woman who was resigned to die, held the fate of her two loves ( who were resigned to fade into the mountain ) and told/asked/demanded that they fight was not lost on me… zoya had already done that for herself she needed to…. she ENDURED all of her sorrow and mistreatment So that she would have the strength to help the two who meant the most to her!

This a fantastic and wonderfully written sci fi romance, it’s creative and emotive and original. But it is so so so much more… for anyone who has ever battled any kind of mental illness, It speaks to the reader about having the courage to prevail and the strength to continue and above all else the power that is hope.

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3 thoughts on “Enduring: Valos Of Sonhadra #8 by Marina Simcoe

  1. Wow! Your review makes me want to read the book!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was such a beautiful emotional book!! You gotta!!


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