Blazing: Valos of Sonhadra #3 by Nancey Cummings


Book 3 in the valos of sonhadra series.

Lucie is a prisoner on The Concord, a flying prison, it houses some of the worst criminals from earth… it also shouted some of the most innocent and selfless people accused of crimes they did not commit.
Lucie is is not innocent, she made choices and suffered the consequences in the Concord for years… her penance for those choices is ongoing, with medical knowledge… she is made to assist the sick and twisted doctors aboard the Concord with their experiments on its captives… she is ‘lucky’..

Until the ship is dragged through a worm hole and crashes on a strange planet. Being dragged by a guard, Hamilton…as a shield from any beasties… he will use lucky till there is nothing left of her.

What he and lucky don’t expect is to meet 3 fire valos… when lucie accidentally restore their heart stones, they know she is part of their triad… for lucie, it’s another test. She has so much to atone for and her mind is set on focusing on making amends with the other survivors and getting back to earth. Even if it means going back to jail.

Fantastically written, as we do meet lucie in the other books, it was great to get her ‘story’ and perspective on what was happening on The Concord and how she got to be assisting the doctors. I knew it wouldnt be for stealing kittens…Dayumm!!!

I loved the interaction between lucie and her 3 very very different fire valos. A total mix bag of interactions and emotions was wrung out of me but by the end of the book the most resounding one was of happiness.

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