Alluvial: Valos Of Sonhadra #1 by Amanda Milo

Book 1 in the Valos of Sonhadra Series

Preta is leverage, her father is a military major, her sister is a secret military operative.. Preta was just Preta… she didn’t have the will to join the military… but held captive on the prison ship The Concord she has no choice… slowly but surely she is being turned into a super soldier. With mind programming and secret serums to keep her at optimum levels. 

Her one happiness is a guard, Ryan Drogan.

After discovering that the experiments have caused her to suffer excess in sexual appetite she initiated a sexual relationship with Ryan to ease some of the after affects. But it’s not enough what she really needs, what her programming needs is a ‘unit’, a team, a family and due to conditions in space and a distinct lack of a drugstore or family planning that’s gonna happen real quick.

So when Preta and Drogan stumble onto a group of earth valos, Preta is in bad shape, the experiments have resulted in a highly highly metabolised state and is as a result she is starving to death, the earth valos ( are all that’s left ) and cannot help but want to nurture her and feed her 😈😈😈

There are moments of pure unadulterated hilarity in this book, The interactions between the earth valos and Ryan had me in fits of laughter…beautifully crafted, wonderfully lighthearted and filled with humour this book was an absolute pleasure and joy to read! 

I especially liked the tie in with book 2 ( I looked forward to it happening because I read book two prior to this one ) and le squeeedd in happiness when I read the ending!!

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3 thoughts on “Alluvial: Valos Of Sonhadra #1 by Amanda Milo

  1. Awesome! I am looking forward to reading the whole series!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 do it do it 😂😂😂


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