RUIN: The Waking ( Ruin #1 ) by Lucian Bane

This book starts off with isadore living in the swamps. She has been hiding from a tortured past for the past 3 years, she keeps hearing strange noises on her roof but cannot figure out what it is.

When her ex partner shows up unexpected at her house and tries to force her to return to their relationship, her refusal results in things turning nasty until… a half naked tattooed man comes to her rescue. He saves her and asks her to help him. Izzy is unsure but finds she can’t refuse.

Ruin has a lot of titles, we don’t actually find out what they all mean but part avenging angel part judge comes to mind.

After agreeing to help him…. things for Izzy become a whole lot more complicated ( and for the reader also ) but it’s an intriguing and gripping kind of confusion that is stacked up further when both Izzy and ruin have their own internal battles, with regard to faith, purpose and ‘what’s right’ to deal with and… so when a ‘vague at best messenger ‘ shows up with missions of vengeance for Ruin, this adds to further the confusion intrigue and wonder.

Wholy gripping from the first page, I will be continuing with this series. It is such an original and intriguing concept I must know what happens next.

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2 thoughts on “RUIN: The Waking ( Ruin #1 ) by Lucian Bane

  1. OMG…I feel the same way! Awesome review Bubbles!

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