For the love of books

Im a soppy and sentimental little Bookpimp today, blame it on my ongoing  flu ( the lurgy is strong ) but today is a year since I physically met some very important people for the first time.

 We had ‘found each other’ via the mutual enjoyment of an author and had individually joined her Facebook group, fastly becoming Facebook friends. Our brand of crazy recognised each other.


That the thoughts of one person halfway across the world so far removed from me would and could become a series of books, that had the power to bring a few people…never mind nearly 300 people, of all different walks of live together… to this day still astounds and amazes me.

But what really blows my mind is that I found friendship in people who liked the same books as me!! 

Up until that time I had always been quite reserved in talking about Books, I mean I was obviously a major book nerd but I never really went into details…. or go on and on and on about books like I did with those girls! Sharing authors, book series and all the different worlds!

My book world was rocked in the best of ways.

When a signing was announced in USA, a chance to potentially meet a few authors occurred…they were going to be under the same roof…Except we were sad because it was in the USA and we four are literally in three different directions in the UK!

Until we all had a lightbulb moment…why shouldn’t and couldn’t we four people… who had never physically met in person, book a trip to go half way round the world together to see ‘some people who wrote from their imaginations’.

It didn’t and still doesn’t seem that impossible or strange, people travel the world for less? So why not travel the world for the love of books? 

Today is the anniversary of our first meet up… when we met in the middle of no where for a weekend.. to plot and plan and celebrated Christmas in February! 


There was, an epic journey via a road diversion from hell, lots of alcoholic beverages, sharknado, lots of laughter , even more talking and BREAKFAST!! 

A few short months after our first meet up, we all packed our bags and jetted off. The adventure of a lifetime was had.

I saw so many wonderful things, ate so many tasty foods, experienced things I hadn’t thought of experiencing and made so many memories from those two weeks with those 3 girls and all because of the love of books…

From then to now, my book world has grown and expanded and we’ve lost ‘book friends’ along the way BUT those 3 girls have been a constant in my relatively small and tight knit ‘real world’..they are individually important people in my ‘real’ world. 

So to wrap up this slushy mushy lovefest from my book loving heart to theirs.

Happy friend anniversary to Rusty, Trixie and Sassy ( Virginia aka Bubbles is writing )…may there be many more adventures, meet ups, food and beverage sessions and especially most defiantly discussions about our love of books! 

2 thoughts on “For the love of books

  1. Love this posts! Books have led me to some of the most interesting and fun people on the planet. Rock on book lover from my heart to yours!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Owwww you know it!! ❤️2❤️😘😘


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