From Lukov With Love by Mariana Zapata

This story takes place after fear Arron and features Ruby’s little sister jasmine… you know jasmine… the one she was making ice skating costumes for!

All jasmine has ever wanted to do is skate. After going to an ice skating party as a little girl, all she wants is to be on the ice. Sacrifice and hard work has driven her to work hard and following the break up with her ice skating partner..she realises how limited a life she has… focusing on oh her job, her family. making up for the neglect she feels she needs to do better, be better… a better version of herself… not the fiesty, spunky, no nonsense person, neglectful person… so she is left with out a skating partner working a dead end waitressing job, skating but skating alone.. practicing for what? She doesn’t know… she is at a cross road… to retire or coach…until her friends older brother Ivan lukov asks her to skate with him for a year… the same Ivan lukov who has tormented and teased and hated her for the past 14 years…
All her sacrifices would be worth something because with Ivan she would win… she just has to get over making a deal with the devil because Ivan lukov is basically ‘satan’!

Such a brilliant book from start to finish. I adored that this book was about ice skating…I’ve always been a fan of the sport since being a little kid and I this book did not disappoint, form the technicals side of things to the slowwwwww Burn wizardry that Marian brings to all her books.
Filled with breathtaking ‘moments’ and funny moments… I adored how the banter between jasmine and Ivan developed slowly from hate? No not hate but dislike to loving.

And that epilogue finished me off wonderfully


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