Four Psychos: The Dark Side Book 1 by Kristy Cunning

This is actually a the start of a new series of books by c m Owens… think becoming a Vincent.. that c m Owens…

Kayla ( as she is named by one of the 4 guys – Ezekiel ) isn’t sure what she is, she has no memory, no idea who she is, if she’s dead/a spirit or a ghost.. what she does know is… she’s been stalker four dudes for the past five years, she watches them work ( capture and battle demonic souls ) rest ( she literally watches them sleep ) and play ( nocturnal kinda play 😈😈) all four of them with one women.. a different woman each time… she wants to play and she really really wants to eat popcorn.

She has them labelled in her head as one, two, three and four… gage, Ezekiel, Kai and Jude.

With nothing else in her life/death/existence she has taken to following them everywhere, realising that she has obvious growing feelings for them and likes different aspects of their four very different personalities.
Whilst doing her ritual ‘good night’ she somehow manages to fight off a would be assassin and save gage… somehow ‘levelling up’ and enabling the boys to actually see and hear her for the first time ever… instantly they are suspicious of this helpful protective entity and don’t trust her completely ( which is kinda understanding after we learn their bread crumb style Back story).
I think a lot of readers didn’t like how they boys treated her with suspicion and scorn ( and yes there were times of somewhat epic assholery ) but I think for me that brought a bit more realism to the book because let’s be serious… I don’t care who you are… you find out someone has been spying on you for five years… you ain’t exactly gonna welcome them with open arms!

Pulled by her need to protect them she follows them to purgatory where other demonic surface guards are competing to gain access to the underworld… enabling them to have more powers and abilities. The four guys are convinced that Kayla is a blessing/curse bestowed upon them and as they get to ‘know’ each other and she continues to ‘level up’ by practicing her powers and skill she learns that the boys also seem to echo her and level up… stumbling into a conspiracy where we are left guessing which of Satan’s offspring is trying to kill off the boys and overthrow the devil…whilst trying to gain the trust of her living breathing fantasy’s is no easy feat.

This is not the authors her typical romantic with funny parts ( which are great and come in abundance with Kayla’s fantastic dress sense…GIANT DOLPHIN HAD ME CREASED ), This is quite a unique, somewhat dark and original concept from this author.
It’s classed as a paranormal reverse harem.. because MULTIPLE GUYS… but in the grand scheme of things other than a few snogs this book is quite tame on the BOING factor.. which I’m liking too… I want Kayla to stick to her guns and make those demon assholes work for her respect and for her to come to grips with her own feelings of self worth.

Fantastic start to this series and Ive read book two! 

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