Tied: Devils wolves book 2 by Carian Cole

This is book two in the Devils Wolves series. A spin off series featuring cast from Carian’s Ashes & Embers contemporary romance series. 

Wow. Where to start.

Tyler and holly.  Tied together by pain? Coincidence? Destiny? All of those things… but ultimately learning to move past their own pain, injuries and wounds. To find their happy ever after.

There are LOTS of triggers in this book, and emotion and sorrow and pain; but it wouldn’t be a book by Carian Cole ( THE ULTIMATE QUEEN OF BOOK FEELS )  if the charachter’s didn’t have complex and ( yes sometimes exceedingly ) painful paths in life and their journey.

This book is a harrowingly tragic but wonderful story of how two damaged souls who want nothing but peace and normalacy can find those very things within each other. Together. Dealing with guilt,loss and feelings of being unworthy and damaged.


I was literally blown away. I cried big fat ugly tears and the FEELS hit me hard. But I loved and adored every minute of this wonderful book.

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Carian Cole website

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