Hearts of Ishira by Bethany Aan

First in series. A true sci fi romance/reverse harem ( m/f/m )

An absolutely fantastic book. Quite epic in length. Telling the story of a group of women who wake up on a strange planet fighting off alien wolf like animals. The focus is on arianna ( ri ) she is a psychic or ‘reader’ and with a broken leg and her group of 30 odd sorority girls it’s obvious the odds are not in their favour. Ri calls out mentally for help and hunter answers….

Having crash landed some ten years earlier whilst fleeing a brutal race commander hunter and his battilion of soldiers had settled their fate for one of isolation and loneliness… until a cry for help opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

Action packed and really funny at times this book was so enjoyable. I really enjoyed seeing how the girls and the guys grew into each other and learnt to accept and cherish their differences. Whilst tackling themes of polygamy and multiple partners relationships in a brave, open and adult way. 

Ive been assure (by the power of my immense stalking skills) that book 2 is somewhere on the horizon ( fingers crossed for April 2018)  Because the world building in this book is so vivid, colourful and descriptive.
I thoroughly enjoyed the development of the different relationships between Ri/jace and hunter and I must know how it turns out with Sean!

Hearts of Ishira on amazon


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