Bloodlust: Rise of The Iliri #1 by Auryn Hadley

Book 1 in this multi genre crossing series. 

Well I stumbled across this book being discussed in one of my book groups on face book and all I can say is….

I didn’t have a clue what this was about so went into reading it completely blind other than having a quick look at the cover.
I was not expecting a total kick ass heroine in sal
A bunch of pretty cool dudes aka the black blades
My love for Blaec to grow and almost be smooshed out by his stupidity
My love for jace from the moment we meet him and the pain I felt for him each time Sal declaired her love for the obviously sometime oxygen deprived blanc…. ( it’s ok jase, she don’t get you like I got you babe)
So much action and sword fighting and blood, it made me want to go and swashbuckle my way through an army ( ok I went and got snacks from the kitchen instead )
And a total kick ass story to boot!!!

Yeah I wasn’t expecting any of that…. which was fantastic because this book is fantastic and it made my inner book pimp totally happy dance ( if a little blood thirsty )
I will defiantly be reading more from this series and this author.

Auryn Hadley website


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