The V Girl by Mya Roberts

This book was a recommendated read to me by a fellow reader…

I went into reading this book with no ideas of what the book was about other than what the cover stated…..the v girl ( a coming of age story )

Set in a dystopian future. A land wracked by war, comes the reconning. ‘Recruits’ are taken by the army and used and abused in the most horrific ways before being thrust into a world of servitude or death restocking the earring sides.

Lila is a v girl..a virgin and she scared, always scared but moreso now than ever before because the time for the next reconning is coming and she will be recruited.

Virgins are always recruited. In a bid to prevent this from happening she tries and fails in getting her friend to sleep with her…. as if the embarrassment of his refusal isn’t enough prior to this happening… during her preparations in ensuring she is as ready as ever to seduce her friend, she bathed in a river and notices that she isn’t alone. A soldier is also bathing, Lila is terrified of soldiers ( she witnessed a brutal event that damaged her family perpetrated by soldiers ) and to avoid him at all cost and fear of him attacking her she tries to sneak away, but ends up landing arse first in his head.

Aleksy is the general of the neutral unnos cops, they are in Lola’s small city ensuring peace for the upcoming reconning and enforce peace between the two fighting factions.
He is a giant of a man, respected and feared, ‘they either fear him of like him ( sexually ) no body loves him… he is so much more than his size and strength…Alone and jaded by the world he wasn’t expecting to meet Lila, wasn’t expecting this young girl and her many different facets, her voyeristic nature, her strength, her fight and especially her love….

Traumatic and harrowing and dark and beautiful and sad with bright splashes and moments of joy. This is a book about pain and loss and ultimately hope, for laying a better future with stones from the broken pieces of ones past.
A truly moving book of epic proportions. Just an amazing book

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