Lips Like Ice by Peggy Barnett

So when a few of my alien/space/fantasy book reader peeps were talking about this book… ‘genitals like a what’?? I thought hell yeah I’m game!

Holy alien flower dongs!! I should of known my peeps wouldn’t be raving about this book just because of the flower dong!! ( sneaky girls…how I loves them! Tiffany..Amanda…I’m looking at you two!! 😂😂😘😘)

I thought I was signing up to a typical alien abduction/pet to lover kind of book… and damm it was …but a whole lot more too! A massive emotional rollercoaster of pain, confusion, love and loss! This is not a ‘fluffy’ story….

Abrasive, shocking and at times a little harrowing…( triggers! Consider yourself warned ) but my god what a brilliant brilliant book! Reflective and mirroring of our world, with emphasis on gender, transgender, gender fluidity issues.

The alien culture is one where tradition and adherence to the rules is the norm…irregardless of your own personal wants, wishes and choices.

I’m not going to say anything else about this book because…you need to read it yourself!

My only miniature minute grumble…I was left wanting for an epilogue!! 😀 😀 

greedy bubbles bad bubbles!!!

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