The Toll by Jeanette Lynn

Standalone book….for now???

I was scrolling through my books and I wanted to read something different, after reading the blurb… one word stood out for me… TROLL.
Boom reading… and I’m really glad I did. This is an epically long book with some harrowing moments ( trigger warning ) but the book was a pleasure to read.

Daphie ( aka nugget, aka petunia peepots ) is our heroine…she is a dutiful older daughter..her family knows this and uses it to their own personal advantages.
We meet daphie and her secret love Trystan ( bleurgh ) stealing secret kisses and discussing their planned engagement and wedding. After being called home by her squalling mother, daphie learns that her younger ( spoilt and babied ) sister is being held kidnapped… by a troll and he won’t be returning her… not without a toll being paid.

After much negotiating daphie is sent by her mother and reluctant father to parle for otvla’s release.. what she doesn’t count on is that her family have already bartered and arranged for daphie to take octvla’s place!!!

Betrayed by her family… daphie resigns herself to a life of slavery…but unexpectedly daphie finds herself, actually enjoying the gruff, grumbly, foul mouthed troll…and him returning her affections Together they start a somewhat happy routine until daphie accidentally bonds herself and Troll… setting off an ancient curse and no manner of strife….exacerbated when Daphie realises she has developed feelings for ‘troll’ aka berkam, aka Gersheart… but the road to happy ever after is rife with tests and trials that would damage the strongest of loves, especially when Gersheart constantly pushes her away.

This is a wonderfully written story. The themes are gripping, the interactions between daphie and troll are full of emotion- laughter, love and sadness…The world building is vivid and beautifully creative…. other charachters are written so well that I found myself seriously disliking them ( AHEM OCTVLA, Daphies mom and trystan 🗡🗡) troll was a wonderful mix of flawed and fabulous for me!!! Followed closely by his two brothers!!! The interactions between daphie and all the trolls was just brilliant! Filled with a range of brilliantly emotionally filled moments… OW THE FEELS!!

I will be reading more from this wonderfully creative author.

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