The Last Hour of Gann by R.Lee Smith

First read by this author.

Do not let the cover fool you, in any way shape or manner into what this book is about. ( I think it needs a cover change – a cover more deserving of such a brilliantly, deep and movingly written book )

LONG LONG LONG READ… this is not a single book. It’s more like 5 books. Don’t let that stop you from reading it!

I’m not even going to attempt summarising this book…

Lots of triggers so don’t read if that’s a problem for you.
The book gripped me from the start. The author has a very ‘naked and honest’ style of writing, all of the worlds negatives and downfalls can be found in this book. They are all there, pride, hate, lies, lust, dispare and pain. The author doesn’t hold back from showing the darker sides of human and ‘alien’ nature. Unsurprisingly they are not very different from each other.

I can honestly say the charachters were all flawed, as most people are, which was refreshing in its honesty. Yes even the hero and the heroine…but they were likable. There were some beautifully touching moments…. BUT It’s not a light a fluffy read. It’s not romantic read. It’s a long hard emotionally bumpy, shocking and juddering ride. At times I found myself re-reading parts that I had just read to make sure I had understood what had happened.

The heroine has the hardest journey of all and in SOME aspect it’s deserved, the trust she places in others is thrown in her face time after time ( SCOTT IS A MASSIVE ARSE and he bites hers numerous times and she does NOT learn ) and I hated that his comeuppance wasn’t sooner.

If you like a harrowingly sad dystopian read then this book is a winner. I enjoyed it, I don’t regret reading it. I like to mix up my reading and surf the darker waters.

As it stands I have checked out the authors other books because….( after hugging a few kittens and eaten my weight in chocolate) WOOOOW this author can write.

further suggested read by this author include:


The Land Of The Beautiful Dead

The Scholomance

R.Lee Smith on Goodreads


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