See Through Heart by Amie Knight

Chronologically this is the first novel by this author ( but second I’ve read ) who has a gift for the contemporary romance genre. 

A story of 3 childhood friends….and so so so much more.

Beautiful story about friendship, coming of age, love, Loss, second chances and heartbreak.  How the characters overcame each of their own  heart breaks to find their path.
Superbly written with characters that you can see, feel and touch. And at times shake…because that’s human nature and we all mess up sometimes. but that’s what makes this such a great book. 

If your in the mood for a touching and moving ugly cry…then this is the book for you! 

Wonderfully real and honest this book did not disappoint. In fact I loved it

I’m not going to say anymore on the story because…you should read it yourself…you won’t regret it.

Other suggested reads by this author include

A Steel heart

The Line

Amie knight’s website

Amie Knight on Goodreads


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