Escaping Fate: The Veredian Chronicles #1 by Regine Abel

 We meet Amalia held captive, forced into assisting a cruel and cunning trafficker of women, it doesn’t matter their species he will sell them for the right price. But not Amalia…she is a prized pet in that she has not been sold… yet… unlike all the other women who share her veredian race.

Seizing her opportunity to escape and devasation at leaving her grandmother behind, she flees… her only chance at survival is to find a protector, a saviour…a mate.
The planet Amalia finds herself on is renowned for its protecting of females and even has outworlders vying to secure males at the fastening ceremonies.
Primes ( the most wanted males ) norms ( next in the hierarchy ) and then the least wanted or cared for those that are suffereing from taint.

A genetic disfiguring and painful condition that robs the males of their lives at roughly 40 years old. Most of the tainted are warriors, the physical activity assists in holding the taints spread…the only other things is oxytocin from their mate.
With women in very low numbers and off worlder women generally arranged in advance.. the tainted males attend the fastening knowing they have little or no chance but it is a last chance.

General Khel and his cousin ( and gem- shared soul ) lhor are two tainted males attending the fastening.  khel because he needs a mate to help him secure his family home and lhor at khel’s request….khel doesn’t expect to get chosen but when he finds Amalia stood in front of him and lhor, choosing between them… he finds himself praying that she picks him.

What a fantastic book. The amount of world building that has gone into this is amazing. I was completely blown away and can honestly say that I adored every minute of this book.
I enjoyed seeing Amalia flourish and grow in her relationship with khel.
I actually enjoyed that khel was jealous and insecure over Amalia and lhor’s relationship, it brought a fantastic level of realism to the book.
I will defiantly be reading the rest of this series!!

And I wanna know if ghan will have a book??? PLEASE PLEASE SAY HE DOES!!!

Escaping Fate on amazon uk

Escaping Fate on amazon us


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