The Valos of Sonhadra Series…Landing February 2018! UPDATE

We are fast approaching release day for this series…

I have had the honour and absolute pleasure of reading a few of the wonderful instalments in this series. I have done reviews on them ( book pimping by name book pimp by nature ) and I plan to share my reviews on this blog on release day….I’m conscious than many wont have had the opportunity to read them yet so I  don’t want any spoilers to be because of me….HOWEVER once  release day is here…its on!!!

If you  cant wait till release day and want to see my reviews of the series so far then you can follow me here

bubbles the book pimp on Goodreads

27783193_10155389996576342_1211450069_nThe Valos of Sonhadra is a collaborative sci-fi romance series. Each book follows the adventures of  different women from the Concord, a space prison. Each book is their story and how they overcome the hostile planet and it inhabitants.

Authors Include

Tiffany Roberts, Regine Abel, Amanda Milo, Marina Simcoe, Poppy Rhys, Naomi Lucas, Isabel Wroth, Nancey Cummings and Ripley Prosepina.

I may have fangirled hard over this brilliant line up and after having a sneak peek at one or two…ahem…of these books is literally jumping up and down with happiness.





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