💚 Hello and Welcome!! 💚

Hellooo book pimp peeps 

I love to read and share good reads with my peeps…

what started as a nick name,  because of the amount of books I read on a daily basis, has developed and evolved in to an alter ego….I am Bubbles the book pimp

So hey there..howdy…Welcome to my blog….The main purpose and goal of this blog is to share the love…love of books!!! Its a dirty job..but someones gotta do it

where to find/stalk Bubbles The Book Pimp:





and I also can be found here as an admin hanging and having good times with my fellow book lovers….

Happily Ever After Arc Reader Group if you love arcs and up and coming new indie authors…come join in the fun…just remember to fill out those all important questions when requesting to join


Happily Ever After Dark Reader Group is a author/reader party/giveaway and promo group https://m.facebook.com/groups/242699776302253

want some #SWAG by Bubbles the Book Pimp?



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1 thought on “💚 Hello and Welcome!! 💚

  1. Christina Rodriguez February 4, 2018 — 12:18 pm

    Hi! I look forward to reading your blog 🙂 I absolutely love books, and now that my boys are older I have so much more time to read!

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