First review!! Greek Fire: The Guardians Series Book Two by S.Lawrence

So my first review on this blog will actually be my first review of 2018. 

Greek Fire: The Guardians Series Book Two by S.Lawrence

This book sits nicely in the fantasy/mythology/paranormal romance genre.

Emma is Aislings best friend, and sister to another mister. All Emma wants is to be at her friends side when she gets married ( and hopefully meet Jason, who she briefly saw but felt drawn to, via video chat to Emma ) to her love Kai….the small problem… Emma has been kidnapped. she has no idea who or why she would be taken…but she soon learns that this man is part of the notorious order who caused so much hurt and pain to Aisling, her dragon guardian and her ‘boys’ the druids.

When Jason hears that Emma has been taken he will do anything to track her kidnappers to the ends of the earth to get her back….she is his honary litttle sisters best friend, and by proxy has somehow worked her way into his heart, just a glimps of her and he knows he is her…. even if it means tearing badly healing scars and going to the one place he hasn’t been in nearly 50 years… Greece…his home. Having to face ages old hurts nothing will stop Jason not even his family.

Oh revelations!!! Holy hell on wheels!! This book was my first read of 2018… and my god it was a blinder to start with!! Gripping, action packed, intense and emotive…all the ingredients to a truely truely brilliant read for me!

I loved it from start to finish and literally could not put it down.. the world building in this book is phenominal and I applaud the author for her creativeness and originality…

1) because I’ve read ALOT OF BOOKS…and it is very very hard to made me WTF IN HAPPINESS AND SURPRISE….but by lord did I!!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻❤❤❤
2) this series is growing and adding new and wonderful charachters, whilst still focusing on the ones I grew to love and adore in the first book and the prequel novella.

I’m not going to talk spoilers and I can’t give clues because by lord it would be too many!!
But I will say…


find out more about Author S.Lawrence

S.Lawrence on facebook

S.Lawrence on Goodreads

Further suggested reading by this author includes:

Celtic fire: The Guardians Series Book 1

First Fire: The First Guardian Novella ( prequel )


3 thoughts on “First review!! Greek Fire: The Guardians Series Book Two by S.Lawrence

  1. Excellent review. I loved Greek Fire too!

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